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Running Genomic Analyses in the Cloud.


Genomic testing is rapidly moving into healthcare practice. However it comes with informatics challenges that the healthcare system has not previously faced - the raw data can be hundreds of gigabytes per test, the compute demands can be thousands of CPU hours, and the test can reveal deeply private health-srelated information that can have implications for anyone related to the person tested. While not a panacea, cloud computing has particular properties that can ameliorate some of these difficulties. This paper presents some of the key lessons learned while deploying a set of genomic analyses on cloud computing for Queensland Genomics.

Authors Leonard, Conrad; Wood, Scott; Holmes, Oliver; Waddell, Nic; Gorse, Dominique; Hansen, David P; Pearson, John V
Journal Studies in Health Technology and Informatics
Pages 149-155
Volume 266
Date 1/08/2019
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URL http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/?term=10.3233/SHTI190787